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"Kurtis of Let's Play The Game Ltd has worked as a sports coach at Arden for seven years. The children love all aspects of sport due to his quality planning, delivery and assessment. He teaches with enthusiasm, skill and challenge, as well as providing a range of popular out of hours clubs".

Tony Lacey, Headteacher at Arden Primary School.

"Kurtis has delivered weekly PE lessons for year 1 and 2. From my observations these lessons have covered all aspects of the PE curriculum, and have provided appropriate differentiated pitch and challenge. The children he has taught are enthusiastic about their lessons and have made good progress both in terms of their attitude and lesson outcomes. Kurtis has coached and supported teaching staff in years 1 and 2, resulting in even greater impact being made across the phase".

D Morris, Assistant Head Teacher.

" I have always been impressed with their professionalism and the way in which they inspire the children to become involved in sports. Let's Play The Game have been integral in developing the inter school competitions within the Sparkhill area. In addition to this, i have always been grateful for the support, technical and teaching advice that they have given freely".

Mr Banner (Head of Year 4). 

"Let's Play The Game have been a great asset to our school. His expertise in the pedagogy of sport has lead the school to an achievement of 'outstanding'. In addition to this, they have supported teachers in delivering PE lessons and catering for the needs of children with different abilities across the school. This has been effective when breaking down barriers and allowing them to thrive".

Humera Jameel, Teacher.

"I Have worked with Kurtis in a number of capacities over the course of the last five years at our school. I have been greatly impressed by the ethos and application he brings to his coaching role. The biggest compliment I can give to his coaching is that I have recommended his summer clubs to friends and family. The reasons behind this include his ideology that is centred around the child's development of core skills and then application in a non-pressured surrounding. this has been demonstrated across the broad spectrum from dance to gymnastics or football to netball. The children have a clear respect for his approaches to developing those core value skills. Consequently, he works hard to ensure that all children participate and are involved in whatever activity they are asked to do. These skills have been invaluable to the school and I have benefited directly through his support and guidance from planning and delivery. He has also assisted by supporting an NQT teacher I am currently mentoring and she has too found the support invaluable".

Mr Lee Wright

(Year 5 lead and science Co-ordinator)

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